Address: Roanoke Texas 76262


Phone number : +1 (515) 441 6766

Personal website:


LANGUAGES: python,golang, c++, bash, fortran

DATABASES: mysql, sql server 2014

PLATFORMS/FRAMEWORKS: flask, tensorflow

TOOLS: pandas, keras, scikit learn, pytest

OS: Linux (extensive use), windows powershell

DEVOPS: git, dockers, kubernetes, jira, artifactory, vagrant


Ciena / Python Developer(contractor)

September 2018-  December 2018,  Dallas, Texas

  • Designed and developed customer driven applications using Ciena’s Blue Planet development platform using python.
  •  Helped support a MDSO/NFV system that provides Intent-based orchestration to Ciena’s customers like Charter Communications .
  • Worked in a DevOps-style development environment which  allowed  for rapid network services programmability and self-service in operating the network.
  • Built TOSCA based service templates with JSON and HOCON
  • Used devops tools like Artifactory, docker and GIT.
  • Wrote unittest in python to test python scripts that controlled various network functions.
  • Extensive use of Linux (Ubuntu).

Mavencode LLC  / Software Engineer

September  2017 - March 2018,  Southlake, Texas

  • Worked on a project that involved collecting a large amount of observations, extracting relevant information and designing a general model that best explains past and future observations.
  •  Used Ensemble Methods on a dataset with over 50000 cases and over 100 variables.
  •  We were able to perform classification, pick what variables are important, look for variable interactions, scale the data, compute the prototypes and pinpoint outliers in the dataset
  • Technology : python, R

Southern Methodist University /  Graduate Assistant

August  2015- May  2018,  Dallas, Texas

  • I was working on developing discontinuous Galerkin difference methods that solve any system of Acoustic PDEs. We primarily used Fortran 90.
  • Teaching assistant for MATH 3304, MATH 3308,  MATH 1308.
  • Worked in the math help room assisting students with math questions.

USAA via Tata Consulting Services / Software Engineer

March 2013 - August 2015,  San Antonio, Texas

  • Designed a web based system to improve business intelligence, logistics, manage inventory and sales, and forecast demand. The system communicates critical information and changed how purchasing decisions are made.
  • Developed and designed a API (RESTful Web Service) using Flask, MySQL.
  • Technology: python, flask,sql

 Tata Consulting Services / Supply Chain Researcher

June 2011 - March 2013,  Milford, Ohio

  • Part of a team that built a complex event processing environment to perform event series analysis
  •  Refactored a matlab simulation of a generic supply chain to improve extensibility and maintainability in Python.
  • Helped design a complete supply chain network simulation in  Python/R for General Motors to study inventory obsolescence and premium freight costs.
  • Helped define research problems based on briefings provided by research request, identified, and located/secured secondary data.
  • Collected, analyzed, and synthesized pertinent data and constructed well-structured logic flows to draw conclusions from multiple inputs.
  • Technology: python, Java

Tata Consulting Services / Software Engineer

June 2009 - June 2011,  Milford,  Ohio

  • I was part of a team that built the New Tax Revenue and License Management System for the City of Tucson, Arizona.
  • My role as a Front End Developer was to build/configure the web application’s pages.
  • Shadowed DBA and helped write stored procedures in sql server.
  • Technology: JSPs, sql server, JAVA, Tortoise SVN.

Schlumberger, WesternGeco/ Seismic Engineer

May 2008 - June  2009,  San Antonio, Texas

  • I was responsible for processing 2D/3D seismic data from onshore and offshore vessels in the Gulf of Mexico in order to locate premium locations for potential drilling.
  • I performed pre-migration data preparation using multiple techniques like GSMP, and adaptive subtraction on OBS data for clients like Shell, Exxonmobil and Elf.


UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON / MSc Applied Mathematics

August 2011- May 2013,  Dayton Ohio


May  2005- May 2008,  Ames Iowa


May 2001 - May 2005,  Ames Iowa


Currently practicing to  build linear and nonlinear optimization applications in Go.

Building a money transfer application using Flask(python), Redis, Bootstrap, Postgres, dockers and Go in a Linux environment. Will possibly try to add a ReactJs UI in the future.

Gathering requirements to build a Complex Event Processor in Go from scratch.


Brainbench Certification in C++11 -- ID 14181613

Brainbench Certification in SQL SERVER 2014 -- ID 14181613